Healthy Holiday Tips

Healthy Holiday Tips

Click to enlarge photo, and copy and share with friends. Holiday times are often times of stress upon the body, mind and spirit. Here are a few tips to help us maintain a healthy, happy, body.

Feeling stressed? For some this is a wonderful season of great joy and celebration, but for others it can be a challenging time of managing the temptation of overindulgence.  Often weight gain, fatigue, stress and communication challenges occur which lead us to unhealthy bodies, minds, and spirits.

How can we maintain optimum health while still enjoying these festivities with our families and friends?

Here are some great tips as a gift to you from the Alliance:

 1. Don’t skip meals beforehand
2. Keep plate sizes and portions small
3. Drink mostly water & limit alcoholic drinks
4. Make time for daily exercise routines
5. Eat 70% vegetables, and 30% other foods
6. Skip dressings, butter & gravy
7. Eat slowly and thoughtfully
8. Give away leftover dishes
9. Avoid stressful topics of conversation
10. Schedule time alone to rest and recharge
11. Keep up your spiritual disciplines
12. Avoid long hours watching TV or chatting
13. Trust and act on your inner guidance
14. Go for a walk after dinner
15. Be thankful and see lessons and blessings
16. Remember that you are lovable and valuable

AND of course, after the day is over, the melodic symphony of  sounds of family and friends has disappeared, the smells of baked goods has left the building, you’ve changed your clothes, washed your face, and everything is tidied up and put out of sight,…… join us folks here at the Alliance and tell us how you are doing.

We are and will always be your health and wellness friends.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays!
~MBHA Staff and Volunteers

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