Kinesiology: Unlocking Your Body’s Wisdom

Kinesiology: Unlocking Your Body's Wisdom

Kinesiology: Unlocking Your Body’s Wisdom

What is applied kinesiology? How can you use it to unlock your body wisdom?

JOIN US FOR A FREE demonstration and lecture by Joanne Mee Short, Energetic Health and Wellness Educator, “Kinesiology: Unlocking My Body’s Wisdom,” 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, February 20, 2013, Monterey Public Library, 625 Pacific Street, Monterey, CA 93940 (questions and socializing afterward).

What personal wisdom can you be tapping into? You will discover how your body can assist you to know, for example,  if this is the best supplement for you, or if you are allergic to something, or if a particular EMF protection device will be beneficial for you.  Applied kinesiology can help you to make choices in your daily life.


Applied Kinesiology

A chiropractor, naturopathic doctor or other health practitioner might use applied kinesiology to help determine treatment.

Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics, is the scientific study of human movement.  Kinesiology should not be confused with Applied Kinesiology (AK), although the terms are often used interchangeably by the general public.

The word “kinesiology” comes from the Greek words kinesis (movement) and kinein (to move).   Applied kinesiology  or sometimes referred to as “muscle testing,” is a technique in alternative or holistic medicine which is believed to help one to diagnose illness or choose treatment by testing muscles for strength and weakness.   The essential belief in applied kinesiology is that every organ dysfunction is accompanied by a weakness in a corresponding muscle.

Applied kinesiologists are often chiropractors, but they may also be naturopaths, medical doctors, massage therapists, energetic practitioners, nurses, physical therapists, and many others, including veterinarians.  It is suitable for absolutely anyone who is looking to improve their health.  Applied Kinesiology was developed in the 1960’s and students now earn a degree in this field of study.

You will receive information and a lecture from Joanne Mee Short, Energetic Health and Wellness Educator, and have the opportunity ask questions, and experience applied kinesiology during the session.  You will learn and practice applied kinesiology techniques to help you access information from your body.  You will HEAR how a few simple techniques can unlock your body’s wisdom about your health. SEE how to do it. Then FEEL the results your body will give to simple, specific, direct questions, when we will practice with these techniques.

For more information, directions, or to reserve your space at this free lecture, “Kinesiology: Unlocking Your Body’s Wisdom,” contact Joanne at 831 682-4165.   This event is sponsored by the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance (MBHA), a registered nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) health education organization dedicated to providing free access to health information, events, resources and services. For more information about MBHA, call us at 831-272-2781, or check out our Our Mission page on this blog, or see How You Benefit,  or visit our website.

Disclaimer:   Claims and statements herein are for informational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The statements about organizations, practitioners and products listed on this web Page are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance is an independent nonprofit organization and does not endorse any particular products or practices. It exists as an educational organization dedicated to providing free access to health education resources, products and services.

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