Healing With Crystals – Real, Magic or Mystery?



Crystals have been used for centuries in many capacities. They are used today in quartz watches and computers. They were also used in radios. Battered crystals have been found at sites where Native Americans lived. Why were they battered? Because crystals have piezoelectric qualities, and when you hit two crystals together both will light up!

Are crystals magical? You could say that. Do crystals have practical uses? You could say that too. Crystals like everything else on the planet carry a unique vibration, and each type of crystal, just like each unique individual carries its own energy. Quartz crystals have an affinity with humans in that they vibrate at a similar rate when at their optimum.

There is a law in Physics that says when two things vibrating at a different rate are in proximity eventually they will meet. The higher will lower, they will meet somewhere in the middle, or the lower will raise. This is one of the reasons people wear crystals; it can raise their resonance. There are certain crystals that carry such a high vibration that they will not lower. This means that when you wear these crystals, you will definitely come up. Two of these crystals are Citrine Quartz and Kyanite.



Citrine is a beautiful quartz that ranges from pale lemon to golden smoky in color. It will not hold negativity, but transmutes that energy into positive. It is highly recommended to wear some form of Citrine everyday. It helps keep people out of depression and works on all levels of being, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.The other stone that is able to do this is Kyanite.



Kyanite is found in different colors, the most common being a deep blue. Both of these stones are wonderful to wear or use for healing purposes. They help bring the wearer to a state that is conducive to meditation, and they help keep us centered. Crystals have also been used for healing purposes for centuries. They have also been used for spiritual purposes. They are mentioned in the Bible as special stones used in a breastplate. While some people think of stones for adornment purposes, the original meaning for wearing them was for much more than showing off.

I have witnessed many wonderful things that have happened when I have worked with people using crystals. One woman had a lump on her breast, and when she taped a Watermelon Tourmaline over the lump, it began to decrease in size and eventually disappeared. She cancelled her scheduled surgery. Crystals can be fun as well. I used what is known as a “communicator crystal” to get in touch with someone I had not seen in years. I sat with the crystal and programmed that I wanted the person to call me. Within days, the person showed up where I work. The amazing part is that they did not know I worked there!

Crystals and stones are beautiful, and beneath that beauty lies more than meets the eye; mysteries and wonders that are fascinating to explore.

Valerie White

Valerie White

Valerie White, a Psychic Counselor and Life Coach, has helped hundreds of people Work Magic in their lives by finding clarity and answers that may have eluded them. She submitted this article as an MBHA member and Health Educator to the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance. If you would like to join our Alliance, find out more about our benefits, and/or submit a wellness article on our blog site, please contact us.  For more information about the Alliance, go to our website at www.montereybayholistic.com

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