The Yuen Method Noninvasive Technique


Are you looking for an effective treatment for pain, anxiety, depression, stomach ache, allergies, fatigue, or other common ailments? Have you been going to multiple doctors without finding any diagnosis or treatment? If you are seeking alternative solutions to health and wellness, check out the Yuen method, a noninvasive, energetic healing technique.

The Yuen Method Noninvasive Technique

Everyone is good at inventing a story about why they are sad or angry or why their back or knee hurts.  Finding the rationale for symptoms and issues or for an area of dysfunction seems to be a basic human need.  teen-girl-sadBut, very often we are misled or misinformed. The root cause of our pain, anxiety or relationship problem may be something trivial; something obscure, and most certainly, it is non-conscious.

What is The Yuen Method?

The Yuen Method is a non-invasive, energetic healing technique based on 5000 years of Chinese Shaolin Temple healing combined with modern western knowledge.shaolin-temple

The Yuen Method allows quickly locating and shifting imbalances/blocks at all levels to improve all facets of your life – weaknesses in your body, mind and spirit will be unveiled and energized into strengths. Regardless whether you are suffering froma long lasting back pain or from depressions occurred through a stroke of fate, the spectrum is unlimited: Health, fitness, relationships, career, finance, or anti-aging.

This method was created by Dr. Kam Yuen as a result of his lifelong study and experience with martial arts, nutritional therapy, homeopathy and in-depth experience as both a structural engineer and doctor of chiropractic.


How does The Yuen Method work?

The Yuen Method is based on the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and identifies and explores the imbalances that are at the root of pain and illnesses. The origin of pain is only the symptom of a blockade that is creating imbalances in your flow of energy. It provides a systematic process enabling the practitioner and you to identify the deeper core issue(s) that are related to the problems you may be experiencing in life. Is it only by precisely identifying the true root source of the weakness that it becomes an instant possibility to delete the physically manifested symptoms of that weakness as well as any related fears, phobias or limitations.


When using this method, the practitioner makes sure that all levels of mind and body are harmonious. In this way energy blockages can be resolved and balance is restored, allowing the experience of immediate relief from physical pain, emotional issues or old behavior patterns. Once a person’s energy body is strengthened, it allows their body’s natural healing ability to kick in and bring about positive changes.


This method  uses intuition and kinesiology (muscle-testing) to discern the underlying causes of a complaint and, layer by layer, removes the negative influences (emotional, mental, psychic, spiritual or physical) obstructing the flow of energy in the system. Based on Chinese energetics and the propositions of quantum physics, this technique is simple and efficient. Consciousness is not limited by space and time thus the practitioner is able to connect with another’s energy field on the telephone, across a continent or via a surrogate-which is particularly useful for work on pets and young children. Energetic “corrections” are done using intention and work to restore balance and function.



What does it treat?

One of the most appealing aspects of this method is that the results are quick.  The emotional charge associated with a specific issue is released and replaced with a more neutral stance that makes more energy accessible to the individual. It can greatly minimize or totally eliminate chronic and painful conditions and can often deliver prompt results on the spot. The Yuen Method is a complementary health technique that has a profound and lasting effect on health, self-esteem, positive attitude, better relationships and even greater prosperity.


The Yuen Method is especially effective for:
– Anxiety disorders
– Behavioural problems
– Depression
– Digestive complaints
– Phobias
– Physical pain

Chronic Pain
Emotional Support
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