Seven Ways to Connect with Soul – Valuable Keys to a Happier, Healthier Life

A friend told me that I am the master of Angelology in our lives. That made me smile. It is so true. The angels have taught me how to use everything in my life from my deepest pain and longing to my most joyful celebrations, to open my heart to experience oneness with them, and with The Divine. Then from that experience, to breathe their energy into my life to solve problems and serve others.

Miracles happen when heaven intersects with our hearts here on earth. We are Earth Angels. Our hearts open the gateway to the heavens. Open hearts invite angelic interaction. Then the angels activate our hearts with pure Divine Love and EVERYTHING in life changes.

The most valuable and enriching moments in life happen when we connect. When you have had a soul connection, you are changed somehow. The first step is to find depth in your self. When you are deep and connected, you feel calm, centered, focused, and balanced. Many people speak slower and use a lower voice. Eye contact with others happens naturally.

Here are seven fun things you can do to shift your consciousness to experience deeper connections:

1. Dance! Dance to music that helps you feel your body and heart. Slow, sensual music is great for this. Dance alone at home or with a small group of friends for an intimate experience.

Couple eating chocolate2. Food, Drink, and Companionship! Celebrate life and love with friends. Eat delicious foods that tantalize your taste buds. Try chocolate and wine. Some Comise pears are so flavorful that my eyes roll back when I take a bite and I’m lost in a sweet floral fragrance as the juice drips down my chin! Sharing tantalizing tastes can connect your hearts in fulfilling experiences

Older couple love3. Make Love! Making love with your mate opens the body, mind, heart, and soul to a depth of intimacy and truth that is rare. Afterwards, savor the vulnerable, loving connection. Talk about desires and realizations. Share yourselves.

4. Touch! Giving and receiving touch brings us out of our minds and into our hearts. Touch opens the physical senses to pleasure and nourishment. A foot rub can create an astonishingly intimate and safe connection. A tender caress or a comforting embrace can melt the heart with love. Some babies and dogs are just naturally present in soul, providing the opportunity to dive in to joy and wonder through play.

Book Reading5. Truth! Surround yourself with quotes that speak the truth that you need to hear. Pictures of spiritual masters, saints, incarnations of God, and prophets can instantly pull you into a deeper place. The writings of leaders, healers, and poets that resulted from profound experience can propel you into soul.

6. Fragrance! Fragrance creates the natural reaction of quieting the mind and carrying you deep into the sensual realms of your being. Use the fragrances of wine, chocolate, bread, essential oils and flower essences, great food, wood fires, forests, beaches, incense, or the smell of your beloved to connect from the heart through the senses.

7. Divination Tools! Some divination tools help to connect with the soul, such as my Angel Blessings Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration and Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith, and Grace. Find the right divination tools that work for you bring you closer to your true angelic self as Soul, a Divine creation of Love.


This article is written by Rev. Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D., Angelologist and health education writer for the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance.  Not only does Kimberly help you recognize how angels communicate with you, she is a gifted author, mystic, angelologist, workshop leader, spiritual counselor, and radio host. Known as the “Elevator to God,” she has helped hundreds of thousands of people world wide open to God’s love, heal and move forward on their life paths.All photos used in this article are by unless otherwise noted. To find out more about our Health Educators, or to apply as a Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance writer or volunteer, visit our website at

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