Channeling: What is Conscious Channeling of a High-Level Guide?

How do you channel the wisdom from a spiritual guide and be certain that it’s not just you? What is a “high-level guide”? How do you translate light impulses from the higher realms into words? Why channel in the first place? I have been studying spirituality and exploring these questions for most of my life.

I was raised in Christian Science, as was my mother, grandmother and family.  Early on in my life I learned to heal spiritually and through thought, reading the weekly bible lesson.  That interest in and demonstration of the Divine Mysteries and learning to understand the pure and powerful love God has for us all, has taken me to many books, teachers, Gurus, workshops and spiritual practices.  All have benefited me and my friends, family, and clients so much that I’ve wanted to share these insights and inspirations with a larger audience.


I opened to channel in 1986 through a workshop taught by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer using their methods described in their book, “Opening to Channel.”

After practicing channeling, and following the guidance from her Master Teacher, Sananda (aka Jesus), and the 7 spirit dolphins, Kudos, (7-spirit dolphins from the Pleaides) and Lela (My High Self), I experienced more joy, upliftment, solutions to chronic problems and healing in my life. I experienced many miracles in my life from channeling and realizing my gifts in this area. Then I began assisting and working with Sanaya and Duane in their channeling classes.


Channeling is a skill that can be developed if you have the desire.  Sananda has told me the earth will be healed by grandmothers, children and flowers. YOU can channel if you have a desire to do so. I became a non-denominational contemporary spiritual teacher. In my professional life I am a now a channeler. I do energy work, give “Spiritual Prosperity” and Opening to Channel Workshops and give channeled readings.

When you trust your abilities and start applying the guidance, you might have the feeling that channeling is not for you……or you will start creating miracles, making faster progress towards your goals, experiencing more spiritual growth, and feeling confident that this is your true purpose in mission in life. You will know.


A high-level guide is being channeled. This is an ascended master, an angel, God, your higher self or a spiritual master of a subject you are interested in. There is as wide a variety in guidance as there are people. Often people first start channeling a presence they have felt for a long time in their lives others are amazed at channeling an archangel in their channeling sessions.

Learning to consciously channel a master takes trust in yourself. How do you know its a master? The answer to that question is the practice. Do you feel uplifted in the presence of your guide? Do you feel more love, inspiration, hope? Are you receiving information that helps you? Are your guides suggestions bringing you more joy in your life?


A channeler translates light transmissions from a high-level guide into words. This takes focus and practice, but brings many gifts along the way. Often my students have told me that experiencing and trusting their guidance has made all the difference in their lives from healing to opening up new careers, to finding beautiful homes to live in, and knowing that they are not alone, but have a loving, caring friend who has their highest good at heart.


If you would like to begin channeling, a good place to start is to take time daily to invite your guide to come closer. Try out what your intuition is telling you to see if there is a positive difference in your life. High level guides come at your invitation to help you with your life and to help the fruition of your highest life plan. Each time you take the time to listen to your guides and trust and follow their guidance you will make steady progress towards your goals and spiritual growth.

Trusting a high level guide is like an airline pilot trusting the air traffic controller to guide him to a safe landing at a chosen destination. As your own life starts taking off you can benefit greatly by trusting a being with a higher perspective and a bigger picture than you do from the ground. Channeling will enhance and strengthen your own intuition which can save you a lot of time to reach your goals and bring you great joy and satisfaction.


Nina Wilkins is a Metaphysical Teacher and Channeler of Sananda and the 7 Spirit Dolphins, Kudos. She maintains a channeling practice, and is available by appointment for readings and energy work from Sananda and Kudos. Nina is a health educator, friend, and writer for the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance. For more information about Nina, visit her website at

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