30 Tips to Stop Debt and Bring Abundance

Hello, Friends! Aloha kakou.  This is the time of year when people are shopping for the holidays, overspending, and going into debt.  Here are 30 easy tips to stop debt and bring abundance, contentment, and joy  into our lives.


30 Tips to Stop Debt and Bring Abundance

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Let’s look at some statistics.  Right now people all over the world are using credit cards to do their holiday shopping.   According to the United States Federal Reserve System statistics:

  • The average household credit card debt is  $15,418.
  • The average mortgage debt is $149,782.
  • Average student loan debt: $34,703
  • Total U.S. credit card debt $793.1 Billion
  • Average credit card debt per household $15,799
  • Average household debt $54,000
  • Percent of consumers that carried an unpaid balance in the past 12 months 56%
  • Percent who said their debt had gotten “higher” in the past 12 months 26%


Debt is not something new.  It has been a challenge for people throughout the ages.  Why do people go in debt?  How do people shift from debt to positivity, abundance and affluence? Let’s see what others have to say about it.  The old English proverb states:

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”

The Japanese have the same proverb with almost the same words or expression, 隣の芝生は青く見える

It means people always think they would be happier if things were different, and usually it makes no difference whatsoever.

Ralph Waldo Emerson states:

“A man in debt is so far a slave.”

The truth is that we as a nation and as a world, often find ourselves looking for something better in life, and frequently look for someone else to blame for our circumstances. It’s human nature, but it doesn’t have to be.   Each of us can have a life of abundance, contentment, gratitude and happiness.



What are the secrets to success and abundance? Self responsibility, imagination, gratitude, contentment, and disciplined effort and focus. We can rise above this national and global consciousness of debt and make a change in ourselves and in the world.  Here at the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance we know that a truly free person, is  free from playing the victim or blaming others. Being the victim just creates more “lack.” Life is as we see it and as we make it. It is our own journey, and we can only do our best to be happy, healthy, content, and successful with complete commitment, dedication and perseverance. But it helps to have a friend or two.

As your health and wellness friends, today we provide you with 30 Tips to Stop Debt and Bring Abundance in your life.  YOU can do it.   Download, click, save, forward, email, and share this poster with friends and family members. Here are the tips for you now.  If you sincerely practice these tips you will see a change in your life.


  1. Set a budget. Bring it with you everywhere you go.
  2. Set up a savings account. Don’t spend it.
  3. Make a “necessary” shopping list. Put only absolutely critical items on this list.
  4. Always have the necessary list with you in your purse, pocket, or wallet, and check it often.
  5. Stop all “unnecessary” spending.
  6. Search online to compare prices.
  7. Find and save newspaper sale ads.
  8. Clip and save magazine coupons.
  9. Search and print online coupons.
  10. Keep coupons and ads with you at all times.
  11. Give the gift of quality time to others instead of buying presents.
  12. Give a gift of homemade foods.
  13. Give a gift of service (cleaning, babysitting, cooking, etc.)
  14. Go shopping with a partner who keeps you on track.
  15. Gain skills. Do things yourself instead of paying someone else. Sign up for free classes.
  16. Record & review spending habits weekly.
  17. Ignore “limited time only” “while supplies last,” and other marketing ploys, etc.
  18. Pay cash only for everything when you are out shopping in the stores.
  19. Cut down on gas and buy online.
  20. Give group gifts, not individual gifts if possible and set up a “Secret Santa” gift exchange, if there isn’t one, to cut down on the number of holiday gifts.
  21. Be persistent and disciplined.
  22. Barter instead of paying. Find out what they need and trrade a skill that you have, such as cutting hair, for something that you need, such as weeding the garden.
  23. Give sentimental gifts (photo albums, framed homemade artwork, song, or poem).
  24. Earn extra income part-time if possible, running errands for people or doing chores.
  25. Keep extra cash and change in a piggy bank, to save up for big expenses, like car repairs, etc.  Don’t spend it on unnecessary things.
  26. Sign up for email discount and  sale announcements, and read them.  Mark sale dates on your calendar.
  27. Keep your calculator with you and total up everything before arriving at the checkout line.
  28. Use layaway plans.
  29. Stop eating out and learn to cook.
  30. Always pay more than the minimum payment amount to pay off your bills, even if it’s just a few dollars more, so that you build up your credit.


These tips are great but there is one more very important tip that affects all of the others.  It is positive thinking and manifestation.  Believe in yourself. Imagine affluence.  Write it down.  Envision it.  You can do this any number of creative ways.  Make a list of what your new situation looks like.  If it’s a vacation, right down everything from the moment you arrive at your destination to the last day of your trip. Describe the food, the silverware, the clothes, the lampshade, the people grabbing your luggage, the smells, etc.  If you want money for healthcare, describe the healthcare you receive, the person’s hairstyle, the bracelet she is wearing, the man you see and the color of his eyes.  You can practice writing yourself a check. Use your checkbook and fill out the check. Write on the check your name, and the amount, “all the money I will ever need” or something along those lines. Sign the check and fill it out completely.  Give it to yourself and accept it with gratitude. Then put the check safely away in a drawer and see what happens in a few months.  Check out books, videos, and CDs online about positive thinking and manifestation. Try hypnotherapy, EFT, and meditation.   Practice a daily discipline of bringing the energies of abundance into your life.  SEE IT AND BE IT.  You can do it!

Best wishes to you for a an abundant, happy, healthy holiday season.
E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe May blessings ever be with you.

Your health and wellness friends at the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance