Tibetan Buddhist Qigong—The Unbroken Lineage

Master Wang

Master Zi Sheng Wang

When I began teaching tai chi 30 years ago it was often the case that a few of my new students were physically unable to participate which was extremely disappointing for them and sad for me to see. I felt there must be a system where all levels of ability have an equal opportunity to benefit. With the goal of benefiting the greatest number of people, I decided change my focus to the healing arts. Continue reading

Saying Yes to Life – A Tantric Approach

What is Tantra and how can it be used to help us lift the consciousness and live a more balanced, joyful life? The word Tantra means expansion. It is a Sanskrit word, connected to an Indian spiritual path, Tantra Yoga. The ultimate goal of Tantra Yoga is the Divine Union between the goddess Shakti and god Shiva. Shakti, also called Kundalini, is in the base of the spine. Continue reading

The Yuen Method Noninvasive Technique


Are you looking for an effective treatment for pain, anxiety, depression, stomach ache, allergies, fatigue, or other common ailments? Have you been going to multiple doctors without finding any diagnosis or treatment? If you are seeking alternative solutions to health and wellness, check out the Yuen method, a noninvasive, energetic healing technique. Continue reading

Healing With Crystals – Real, Magic or Mystery?



Crystals have been used for centuries in many capacities. They are used today in quartz watches and computers. They were also used in radios. Battered crystals have been found at sites where Native Americans lived. Why were they battered? Because crystals have piezoelectric qualities, and when you hit two crystals together both will light up!

Are crystals magical? You could say that. Do crystals have practical uses? You could say that too. Crystals like everything else on the planet carry a unique vibration, and each type of crystal, just like each unique individual carries its own energy. Quartz crystals have an affinity with humans in that they vibrate at a similar rate when at their optimum.

There is a law in Physics that says when two things vibrating at a different rate are in proximity eventually they will meet. The higher will lower, they will meet somewhere in the middle, or the lower will raise. This is one of the reasons people wear crystals; it can raise their resonance. There are certain crystals that carry such a high vibration that they will not lower. This means that when you wear these crystals, you will definitely come up. Two of these crystals are Citrine Quartz and Kyanite.



Citrine is a beautiful quartz that ranges from pale lemon to golden smoky in color. It will not hold negativity, but transmutes that energy into positive. It is highly recommended to wear some form of Citrine everyday. It helps keep people out of depression and works on all levels of being, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.The other stone that is able to do this is Kyanite.



Kyanite is found in different colors, the most common being a deep blue. Both of these stones are wonderful to wear or use for healing purposes. They help bring the wearer to a state that is conducive to meditation, and they help keep us centered. Crystals have also been used for healing purposes for centuries. They have also been used for spiritual purposes. They are mentioned in the Bible as special stones used in a breastplate. While some people think of stones for adornment purposes, the original meaning for wearing them was for much more than showing off.

I have witnessed many wonderful things that have happened when I have worked with people using crystals. One woman had a lump on her breast, and when she taped a Watermelon Tourmaline over the lump, it began to decrease in size and eventually disappeared. She cancelled her scheduled surgery. Crystals can be fun as well. I used what is known as a “communicator crystal” to get in touch with someone I had not seen in years. I sat with the crystal and programmed that I wanted the person to call me. Within days, the person showed up where I work. The amazing part is that they did not know I worked there!

Crystals and stones are beautiful, and beneath that beauty lies more than meets the eye; mysteries and wonders that are fascinating to explore.

Valerie White

Valerie White

Valerie White, a Psychic Counselor and Life Coach, has helped hundreds of people Work Magic in their lives by finding clarity and answers that may have eluded them. She submitted this article as an MBHA member and Health Educator to the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance. If you would like to join our Alliance, find out more about our benefits, and/or submit a wellness article on our blog site, please contact us.  For more information about the Alliance, go to our website at www.montereybayholistic.com

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Energetic Tools – What Are They? Why Do We Need Them?

Energetic Tools - Hug a Tree

What are energetic tools? Why do we need them?

What are Energetic Tools?
An energetic tool can be any object that is intentionally and purposefully used to enhance, revitalize or  increase the well-being of an individual through mind, body and spirit.  It is a tool that energizes oneself. Energetic tools can change your focus, help you connect with your higher-self or to maintain a connection to the Divine source.

Where Do You Find Energetic Tools?
Energetic tools can be natural and found in the environment, such as sea shells, flowers, herbs, oils, trees, the sound of the ocean, crystals or rocks.  They also can be man-made products such as recorded music, art, jewelry or pendants, religious statues, crystal balls, idols, pyramids, pendulums for dousing, photographs, clothing or textiles, sound machines, magnets, light and color machines, etc.

Man in Pyramid

A man meditates within a pyramid structure. This is believed to produce a high-energetic field and enhance healing.

Why Do People Use Energetic Tools?
Energetic tools can help us to raise our vibration, release tension, alter a state of consciousness,  or create a heightened awareness of old patterns, current conditions, and past choices. They can help us to refresh ourselves and/or stay focused on the now, to stay present and create a peace of mind. Energetic tools can also help to protect others from negative or toxic effects of electromagnetic radiation.

These tools can be infused with love, or loving memories from family members, energetic healers, friends, or loved ones, and often the person using the tool can experience the love or high vibrational energy in the form of an “energetic healing.”  This can occur with many types of energy tools, involving one or more of the five senses: touch, sight, hearing, feeling, and smelling.

Who Uses Energetic Tools?
Any one and everyone can use energetic tools.  Energetic tools, such as crystals, pendants, meditation chanting CDs, pyramids, energy pillows, etc., are available in alternative health and wellness stores and are often used by health professionals or energetic practitioners such as

  1. Sound Healers,
  2. Vibrational Therapists
  3. Light Therapists
  4. Music Therapists
  5. Energy Workers
  6. Angel Channelers
  7. Reiki Masters

What Do Skeptics Say?
Skeptics say that energetic tools are only effective due to the power of suggestion. Dr. Christopher Charles French, a psychologist at Goldsmith’s College, London, frequently appears on radio and television presenting a sceptical view of paranormal claims. In one study, he tested the effects of crystals on 80 volunteers. Half were given a genuine crystal for a few minutes while meditating. The rest were asked to handle a imitation plastic crystal, but were told that it was a real crystal .

Chakra Crystal Healing

A woman experiences crystal dowsing and a chakra balancing energetic healing.

The researchers planted a suggestion with all volunteers in both groups, that they should most likely experience a number of benefits (tingling, warmer hand temperature, more focused attention, balanced emotions, increased energy levels, heightened sense of well-being, relaxation of the forehead, stimulation of the brain, increased swallowing reflex, and “activation of all levels of consciousness.” ). Out of the 80 volunteers, 74 experienced at least one of these sensations.  According to Dr. French,

“The fact that the same effects were found with both genuine and fake crystals undermines any claims that crystals have the mysterious powers which they are claimed to have.”

What Do Enthusiasts Say?
Energetic healing enthusiasts and professionals who use energetic tools, say that energetic tools are no different than conventional tools, such as chemotherapy. Those who believe in treatment are more likely to succeed and experience healing.  They are not surprised at the negative results of the research conducted by Dr. Charles French.  Energetic healers claim that the power in the crystal lies in the preliminary preparation of sending love to the crystal.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has conducted research with water demonstrating that positive thinking and prayer brings about energetic healing.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has conducted research with water demonstrating that positive thinking and prayer brings about energetic healing.

Those who use crystals “empower” the crystals with loving energy before using them for healing.  Dr. French did not do this.  Skeptics of  Dr. French’s research study claim that this study doesn’t take into consideration that the healing power of crystals takes time (as also does traditional healing methods, such as antibiotics, or chemotherapy), and that some crystals are impure or infused with negativity.  Dr. Masaru Emoto  has conducted multiple research  studies with water and has shown the world that the power of loving energy transcends all other power and negative energy or thought destroys life.  Microscopic photographs of water before and after prayer showed significant changes.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of music on plant growth, such as “Measuring Effects of Music, Noise, and Healing Energy Using a Seed Germination Bioassay” by Katherine Creath, and Gary E. Schwartz.  Research has been conducted demonstrating the effects of energy tools (objects which have a high vibration), on plants, animals, and human beings.  Music therapy research is published in every issue of the journal by the American Music Therapy Association documenting the energetic healing power of music and sound vibration.

In addition to Dr. Emoto, modern New Age doctors, or health professionals such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Gregg Braden,  are considered pioneers in their field, conducting and/or compiling  research on the effects of energetic healing, and are bridging science and spirituality, inspiring people worldwide to consider these noninvasive methods as an alternative or complimentary approach to mind, body, spirit  health and wellness.

Applied Kinesiology

A woman experiences “muscle testing” or what is referred to as “Applied Kinesiology.”

How is Energetic Healing Measured?
Research results on the use of other energetic devices pose problems because of lack of conventionally accepted methods of methods of measuring energy.  Researchers survey participants to determine cessation, elimination, or reduction of headache,  digestive problems, anxiety or depression, and pain.  Applied Kinesiology, is sometimes used to measure the expansion or contraction of the body’s energy field.  Applied Kinesiology involves  testing muscles for strength and weakness to determine the effectiveness of a particular product or application, or to diagnose illness or choose treatment. Current scientific research and evidence does not support the use of applied kinesiology for diagnosis of any illness.  Applied kinesiologists  can be  chiropractors, naturopaths, medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and others.

Blood platelet changes can be photographed under a microscope to document energetic effects of crystals, pendants, sound or other energetic devices on the blood. Changes in the MRI images of the brain or other body parts can be recorded to determine brain activity and or reduction in tumors. Unconventional devices such as dowsing rods are sometimes used to determine improvement.

Kirlian Photography

Kirlian Photography can be used to view the energetic field surrounding the body. It is sometimes used as a measurement of healing or of the effectiveness of a treatment.

Kirlian photography has sometimes been used to measure energy changes through the process of high energy physics photography.  Another device that can be used to determine energetic changes is an acupuncture meridian measurement device, used to measure the conductivity of the meridian points on the body.

Something that is a healing tool for one person, might not be effective for another person.  More research is needed on energetic tools and their effects on health. Energetic practitioners suggest that each person try different tools in order to determine what is most important and effective for them personally.

Do you use energy tools? Which tools work for you?


Jean E. DartThis article is written by Jean Voice Dart,  M.S. Special Education from Illinois State University.
  Jean is a published author and has written hundreds of health articles as well as hosting a local television program, “Making Miracles Happen.”  She is a Registered Music Therapist, Sound Therapist, and Master Level Energetic Teacher, and is the Executive Director, founder and Health and Wellness Educator of the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance.  The Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance is a registered 501 (c) 3  nonprofit health and wellness education organization.  For more information about  the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance contact us or visit our website at www.montereybayholistic.com.

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