The Myth of Estrogen: Balancing Hormones and Our Divine Feminine

There is a myth that if we don’t use estrogen as a drug, our bodies will wither and die with brittle bones, lost libidos and broken hearts. Every woman, whether she is young or old, can find support from understanding her unique hormonal journey. Hormones support our well-being, giving us the flow of creative juices to live more fully.
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The Healing Properties of Scotch Pine

Scotch PineLooking for Healing for the Holidays?  It might be right under your nose!

The History of Scotch Pine Healing. Everyone loves the smell of pine trees with its branches reminding us of the winter holidays.  Early Europeans used pine wood for building houses, the tall straight trees for the masts of sailing ships, and its needles to stuff their mattresses. The Native Americans ate the tops to prevent scurvy. The cones were boiled with other herbs and honey to relieve a cough, and the needles were pounded and added to the bath to relieve arthritis.

How is Pine used Today for Healing? Pine is warm and dry, and is an excellent expectorant for clearing phlegm from the lung, bronchial and sinus, as well as being antiseptic. It aids digestion, stimulates the kidneys, helps arthritis and gout, and can be given for physical and mental depletion, exhaustion and anxiety. Always mix it into carrier oil such as almond, sesame or jojoba, never put an essential oil directly on your body. Its resins and turpentine makes solvents for paints today.

Scotch Pine
As a flower essence remedy, it is given to those who blame themselves, feel responsible for the problems and mistakes of others and live with constant guilt.  Pine works to help us learn self-acceptance and how to set appropriate boundaries.

Your holiday pine tree, wreath or garland will not only brighten up your home, it highlights the lesson of the Season—love and forgiveness as we take a moment to realize the sacredness and divinity first of ourselves, and then of all others.

Maggie SmithThis article is written by Maggie Smith.  Her journey with flower essences began in 1993 with the Flower Essence Society of California. Maggie Smith is the creator of Flower Essence Sprays, an advanced energy healer, a graduate and teacher for the School of Energy Mastery, a member of the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance and a Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance Health and Wellness Educator.  If you are interested in membership to the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance,  and/or to publish your health article to our blog, contact us