36 Proven Tips to Lose Weight Naturally and Permanently

What is the Most Effective Way to Lose Weight?
There are many diets out there, but the only truly successful method to maintaining a healthy body weight is perseverance, disciplined effort and lifestyle changes.

Everybody knows losing weight means cutting and burning calories, but here are 36 proven lifestyle changes to keep it off.

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DOPAMINE: Friend or Foe — Being Addiction-Free with Smartphones, Social Media, Video Games, Computers & TV

How many times a day do you check your phone, text, email, search or watch online streaming television, or engage in social media interaction? Most of us text friends and tap, swipe, or type in front of our family members throughout the day, and even sacrificing valuable and much needed time when we should be sleeping. Why are we as a society so compulsively engaged in these addictive behaviors?  Discover natural tips to boost your productivity, the role that dopamine plays, and how you can take control of your health.

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