Why Can’t I Finish Anything?- 12 Sure-fire Steps to Successfully Attaining Your Goals

Do you need help with achieving goals? Do you often watch others succeeding and think, “Hey, why can’t I do that?” Well, of course, you can! You are brilliant, creative, and remarkable and have something unique to offer this world, but for some reason, you are not getting it done. Why?Let’s find out. You are not alone.

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12 Proven Tips to Reset Your Self-Esteem and Get the Life You Want

Anxiety, stress, depression, and low self-image or low self-esteem is something that is on the rise, according to recent studies. All of us have moments when we feel less confident and doubt ourselves or question our looks, abilities, and actions. This is part of being human.  But sometimes that low self-esteem can be crippling and takes it to a step that endangers ourselves and our lives. Here are 12 proven tips for raising your self-confidence and self-esteem and getting the life you want.

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10 Tips for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year, health and wellness friends!

Tips for Keeping New Year's Resolutions

How do we keep New Year’s Resolutions? Why do we fail at achieving goals? How do we succeed at achieving goals?   This is the time of year when we are looking at the year passed and making decisions and goals about our future.  But many of us have problems keeping these goals or even taking a step forward.


There are many reasons why people fail at achieving goals or New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Fear of success
  2. Fear of failure
  3. Lack of accountability and responsibility
  4. Poor organizational skills
  5. Setting unspecific goals that are too broad (such as “Be healthy”).
  6. Setting unachievable, unrealistic goals, and not accepting limitations
  7. Need of support system (support groups, friends, partner)
  8. Bad habits of avoidance behaviors and procrastination
  9. Fear of competition
  10. Choosing a goal that is not important, so there is no motivation
  11. Maintaining a negative image and an inability to see the goal achieved

Writing Goals

Here are 10 tips for achieving success with your goals:

  1. Set achievable goals that you have the talent and skill to complete.
  2. Choose goals you truly care about and are motivated to achieve
  3. Be specific (“eat vegetables 3 X a day” instead of “be healthy”).
  4. Work with a goal buddy and agree to check on eachother weekly.
  5. Break it down and write smaller goals on your calendar every day.
  6. If you don’t reach your daily or weekly goal, start over the next day
  7. Be willing to change your goal if you made it too difficult.
  8. Forgive yourself for making mistakes and allow slips with tolerance.
  9. Use creative imagination techniques to manifest, see, and BE it.
  10. Most importantly, do your homework. Look down deep inside yourself and face any emotional or mental blocks to your goal such as: fear of success, fear of failure, low self-esteem, etc.  Release these blocks to the universe, seek help if needed and begin anew.

Best wishes to you in this new year from your friends at Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance.


Jean E. DartJean Dart, M.S. Special Education from Illinois State University, is a published author and has written hundreds of health articles as well as hosting a local television program, “Making Miracles Happen.” She is a Registered Music Therapist, Sound Therapist, and Master Level Energetic Teacher, and is the Executive Director, founder, and Health and Wellness Educator of the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance, a 501(c)3 health education nonprofit organization. To find out more about our Health Educators, or to apply as a Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance writer or volunteer, visit our website at www.montereybayholistic.com

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