Balancing the Chakras – A Healing of Your Energy Centers

chakras Chakras are Subtle Energy Centers. 

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word, and it means “wheel”. Today we will explore the 7 major chakras, which are connected to the body through the Nervous System. Because the chakras contain organs, emotions, thoughts, and consciousness, if they are out of  balance, it effects our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Each chakra is a generator and reservoir of energy.  When our chakras are balanced and working, playing together, our energy can flow freely, and we enjoy life more.

First Chakra: Earth element, dark red. Also called the Root Chakra, it is located at the base of your spine, buttocks and tailbone. It’s qualities are security, support, grounding, foundation, survival, stability, final manifestation, field of completion. The emotions connected to the First Chakra are fear, courage, trust.

 Chakra purposesSecond Chakra: Water element, deep dark orange. It is located at your belly, hips, pelvis, and low back. It’s qualities are intuition, creativity, receptivity, nurturing, sexuality, sensuality, family, generation-seed, unconscious emotions. Emotions: Attachment, lust, ‘holding on’, letting go, flowing, moderation, joy.

Third Chakra: Fire element, golden yellow. It is located at your stomach, solar plexus, and mid-back areas. Qualities: Will-power, name, fame, authority, motivation, vitality, inspiration, self-esteem, drive, control, impulse behind movement, action. Emotions: Anger, resentment, forgiveness, letting go.

Fourth Chakra: Air Element, emerald green, pink. Also called the Heart Chakra, it is located at your chest and upper back. The physical heart is to the left, the emotional heart is in the middle of your chest, inbetween your breasts, and the spiritual heart is a bit higher, between your breasts and your throat, where the Thymus Gland is. Qualities: Unconditional love, trust, devotion, conscious emotions, compassion, heart-felt feelings, breath. Emotions: Desire, greed, aversion, desirelessness, sadness, grief, charity, compassion.

Fifth Chakra: Ether element, light blue, turqoise. Also called the Throat Chakra, it is located at your throat and neck. Qualities: Creativity, intuition, spaciousness, will, communication, speaking your truth, self-expression, faith. Emotions: Pride, humility.

Sixth Chakra: Ether element (Light), dark blue, dark purple. Also called the Third Eye, it is located in the middle of your forehead, goes all the way through your brain to the back of your head, where your neck and skull meet. Qualities: Intuition, perception, insight, realization, intelligence, spirituality, vision. Emotions: Dreaming, clarity.

Seventh Chakra: Ether element (Consciousness), brilliant white and gold.  Also called the Crown Chakra, it is located at the top of your head, and goes a bit out of your head like a cone. Qualities: Union, connection to the divine, understanding, compassion. Emotions: Bliss.

SILENCE IN NATURE STEP 7Manifesting Journey: Take a few deep breaths. Imagine something you would like to have new year. Feel your vision in your Crown Chakra, surrounded by brilliant white and gold, connected to all of you. Your vision is coming down to your Third Eye, becoming a true desire. You can see your desire having come true. How is your life different now? Dark purple and blue have joined the white and gold, carrying your desire down to your Throat Chakra. Say to yourself outloud: “I am creating space in my life for….” Allow light blue and turqoise to join the other colors, carrying your desire to your Heart Chakra. Feel your self-love joining your heart’s desire. “I love myself enough to know that I deserve to have my desire become reality.” Emerald green and pink have joined the other colors, taking your desire down to the Third Chakra, into your stomach. Your will-power has now joined your desire, “This is my life. I have a right to have my desire be manifested.” What is the next action you can take in this process? See yourself taking it. Imagine that golden yellow has now joined the other colors, carrying your desire to the Second Chakra in your pelvis and low back. Feel that your desire is flowing into your life in a way that nurtures you. “I am allowing myself to receive this desire in an easy and joyful way.” Dark orange has now joined the other colors, creating a rainbow while taking your desire down to the  dark red Root Chakra – final manifestation.

See, feel, sense your desire as a full reality in your life, letting yourself relax deeply into it. YES!


Rabia ErdumanThis article was written by Rabia Erduman, Health and Wellness Educator for the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance.  Rabia was born in Istanbul, Turkey and later spent ten years in Germany before arriving in the United States in 1983.  Rabia utilizes Psychology, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Reiki,  and Trauma Release to assist clients in their process of self-discovery. Rabia also teaches tantric and spiritually-oriented workshops.  Rabia is the author of Veils of Separation – Finding the Face of Oneness, and has four Guided Imagery CDs: Relaxation, Meditation, Chakra Meditation, and Inner Guides. The Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance is a registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit health and wellness education organization. For more information about the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance contact us or visit our website at


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