Tibetan Buddhist Qigong—The Unbroken Lineage

Master Wang

Master Zi Sheng Wang

When I began teaching tai chi 30 years ago it was often the case that a few of my new students were physically unable to participate which was extremely disappointing for them and sad for me to see. I felt there must be a system where all levels of ability have an equal opportunity to benefit. With the goal of benefiting the greatest number of people, I decided change my focus to the healing arts. Continue reading

The Healing Power of Buddha Light in Tibetan Qigong


Padmasambhava is considered the founder of Tibetan Buddhism

Often considered mythical by western skeptics, numerous masters of Tibetan yogic practices of the past and present have demonstrated the ability to control the elements of their own health and longevity. Additionally, many have exhibited paranormal abilities such as: clairvoyance, clairsentience, the ability to travel through matter or to transform into radiant light. As these accomplishments are revealed, a spark of possibility ignites within us as a desire to cultivate the same profound radiance and unimagined ability, to free ourselves from suffering and invoke peace throughout the world. To most of us, this still seems more like the science of miracles rather than the science unveiling our true nature.

Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche

Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche

One such adept was Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche, one of the twentieth century’s greatest Dzogchen masters and Nyingma lineage holder from Padmasambhava (founder of Tibetan Buddhism, renowned for many enlightened activities). It is well known that while interned for eighteen months in a Chinese camp, he chose to maintain his practice instead of working and subsequently was given no food and water.

Entering into meditation by day, he gathered the highest form of nutrition from the universe; and at night, provided empowerment and teachings to lamas. In the early 1950’s, through meditation, Khenpo Munsel beckoned a young Chinese qigong student and Buddhist Zi Sheng Wang for training in Buddhist GungFu. Following the call, the young master traveled to Tibet and became the first non-Tibetan disciple and heart disciple of Khenpo Munsel.

Master Zi Sheng Wang

Master Zi Sheng Wang demonstrates using the healing power of Buddha Light.

Among China’s preeminent Tibetan Qigong healers, Master Zi Sheng Wang offers Healing Energy Sessions, combining powerful healing mantras from Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism with ancient Chinese cosmology, culture and needle-free acupuncture. Through destiny, Master Wang has acquired the ability to unify these great aspects of Chinese and Tibetan healing modalities for incomparable benefit. In 1994, Khenpo Musnsel gave him the task of bridging East and West, ancient and current times by bringing these teachings to the west in order to serve all with power & compassion.

Looking through the eye of modern physics, bio-physiology, and science of the mind, the Tibetan Qigong Foundation Practices develop and maintain physical and emotional health, using movement and visualization. These basic practices are:

  1. Five Element Stake
  2. One Finger Zen – Dynamic and Still Forms
  3. Face Massage
  4. Patting the Meridians

The movements of the four basic practices are easy to learn, gentle and well suited for people with varying degrees of strength & stamina. A good foundation is recommended to prepare for advanced training.

Tibetan Buddhist Qigong – Three Palms Together (video credit: Kay Luthi, qigong teacher, black belt martial artist, and student of Vajrayana Master and Tibetan Qigong Master Zi Sheng Wang. Website: kayluthi-tibetanqigong.com)



Benefits to the Physical Body

  1. Adjusts & balances the immune system
  2. Clears meridians
  3. Circulates and balances nutrients and minerals
  4. Purifies and expels toxins
  5. Increases strength and flexibility
  6. Corrects metabolism
  7. Improves blood circulation and heart function
  8. Prolongs life
  9. Restores youthful vitality
  10. Boosts energy levels and stamina
  11. Balances blood pressure
  12. Adjusts and improves the functioning of all organ, systems



Peace of Mind Meditation

Peace of mind, elevated conscious awareness and spirituality

Benefits to the Mind

  1. Promotes relaxation to reduce stress
  2. Enhances intellectual power and concentration
  3. Increases creativity
  4. Diminishes disturbing emotions
  5. Achieves and maintains inner peace
  6. Improves meditation
  7. Strengthens self-discipline
  8. Promotes happiness & a positive outlook on life
  9. Awakens compassion
  10. Opens the mind to higher realms of consciousness and wisdom
  11. Elevates and strengthens the quality of one’s virtue
  12. Brings out unexpressed potential & supernormal abilities
  13. Elevates spirituality
Buddha Light

Healing properties of Tibetan Qigong Buddha Light

Practicing Tibetan Qigong cultivates positive change in body, mind and spirit. Regular practice of qigong induces strong, healing energy from the universe into the body, leading to a more vibrant, radiant life.


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