20 Ways to Fight Inflammation


Inflammation ProcessInflammation is an immune response. It is the body’s natural and automatic way to protect itself and fight off injury, infection, and disease. The body’s immune cells collect in an area of concern in the body through the blood stream.  Then the blood vessels increase blood flow at the site and it becomes warm, swollen, sometimes reddish in color.  This is experienced as discomfort, pain or tenderness.  Inflammation is a natural part of healing.  Chronic inflammation, however,  is another situation. Something has gone wrong in the body’s mechanism, resulting in continuous inflammation.

Inflammation and Chronic Disease


The body is not supposed to be “overheated” for extended periods of time.  When the body is in a state of chronic inflammation, it is essentially being attacked, and slowly begins to die.  This can be a very serious situation, if neglected.  Chronic inflammation is a primary cause of all degenerative diseases, including heart disease and cancer.


CPB - Chronic Pulminary BronchitisInflammation is the “itis” in all of the “itis” diseases, such as:

  • bronchitis
  • arthritis
  • tendonitis
  • bursitis
  • cephalitis
  • dermatitis
  • colitis
  • diverticulitis
  • meningitis
  • gastroenteritis
  • gingivitis
  • folliculitis
  • hepatitis
  • layringitis
  • pancreatitis
  • osteoarthritis
  • peridontitis
  • polyneuritis
  • retinitis
  • rhinitis
  • sinusitis
  • spondylitis
  • tonsilitis
  • vaginitis
  • vasculitis

and many, many more.


  1. bloating & passing gas
  2. belching
  3. burning skin
  4. dark circles and bags under the eyes
  5. itchy ears and eyes
  6. diarrhea
  7. constipation
  8. cramping
  9. joint pain or stiffness
  10. muscle spasms, twitching
  11. fatigue
  12. memory problems
  13. rash, hives, acne, cysts, boils
  14. scaly, rough skin
  15. cough or sore throat
  16. stuffy nose or runny nose
  17. loss of appetite
  18. fever or chills
  19. headache
  20. puffiness, edema, water retention


If you believe that you have inflammation, you might want to get tested. The first test you should know about is called the C Reactive Protein test. There are two CRP tests:
CRP Test Results
1) The specific test that MUST BE REQUESTED to provide information about inflammation and cardiac risk, is the H.S.C.R.P. test. This is a high-sensitivity cardiac reactive protein test.

2) Another test used is the consisting of CRP and IL-6 tests and TNF (tumor necrosis factor), interleukins -1 beta and 8. If you are concerned and want accurate test results, ask your doctor specifically for these tests by the complete and full name.  Other similar tests might not provide the information you need or might be misleading.


Joint InflammationWhy is chronic inflammation so common in our society today?  There are different types of inflammation. There is the swollen, painful, visible inflammation, such as when one sprains an ankle or if one has an infected tooth or gingivitis. There also is a silent killer. This is inflammation of a different sort, inflammation deep within the cells of the body. We often do not realize this inflammation exists, as we are experiencing general flu-like symptoms of discomfort that don’t seem to disappear, therefore, many of us are unknowingly experiencing chronic inflammation and are not taking measures to stop it.

If  inflammation is diagnosed, such as in the case of arthritis, medical doctors will often prescribe a life-time of NSAIDS or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, to reduce or stop inflammation in the body. Most doctors today, combine this treatment with a change in lifestyle and diet. This is because many research studies have shown that a change in lifestyle and diet can dramatically reduce and eliminate inflammation.  Research has also shown that certain foods increase inflammation in the body such as trans fats commonly found in commercially processed packaged foods. Food additives and chemicals also increase inflammation.   Below are some supplements and lifestyle changes that have been known to be effective in stopping or reducing inflammation.  Always work carefully with your trusted health practitioner to determine which diet and healthy living plan is best for you.


  1. zinc
  2. fresh fish and fish oil
  3. vitamin D
  4. probiotics
  5. organic, no GMO foods
  6. allergen-free diet
  7. limit oils to only coconut or palm oil
  8. no trans fats
  9. exercise regularly
  10. yoga and deep breathing
  11. meditation
  12. biofeedback
  13. massage
  14. no microwave
  15. basic greens
  16. omega-3 fatty acids
  17. spices – ginger, rosemary, turmeric, oregano
  18. no refined sugars
  19. antioxidants
  20. electrolyzed water

Inflammation Research Foundation

From Fat to Chronic Inflammation

Chronic Inflammation and Late-Life Decline 

Chronic Inflammation – International Wellness Directory


Jean E. DartThis article is written by Jean Voice Dart,  M.S. Special Education from Illinois State University.
 Jean is a published author and has written hundreds of health articles as well as hosting a local television program, “Making Miracles Happen.”  She is a Registered Music Therapist, Sound Therapist, and Master Level Energetic Teacher, and is the Executive Director, founder and Health and Wellness Educator of the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance.  The Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance is a registered 501 (c) 3  nonprofit health and wellness education organization.  For more information about  the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance contact us or visit our website at www.montereybayholistic.com.

Disclaimer:  The Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance is a charitable, independent registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and does not endorse any particular products or practices. We exist as an educational organization dedicated to providing free access to health education resources, products and services. Claims and statements herein are for informational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The statements about organizations, practitioners, methods of treatment, and products listed on this website are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is intended for educational purposes only. The MBHA strongly recommends that you seek out your trusted medical doctor or practitioner for diagnosis and treatment of any existing health condition.

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